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Our app should have existed yesterday

Our trees are being felled at a rapid rate as new towns and roads are built. Who can ensure that our trees and forests are protected?

Did you know that every adult needs about seven trees to replenish the oxygen we breathe? How can we create a healthier and greener world for our children and grandchildren, a planet where there are enough healthy trees to protect us? It is possible to observe how quickly nature is able to recuperate, and this should give us hope for the future. With your help, we can ensure that trees are not cut down unnecessarily, and by registering the new forests which are currently being planted by outstanding environmental initiatives we can follow their development and growth.

Trees and their many functions in everyday life

Trees give us more than just oxygen. They protect the soil against erosion during droughts, and mitigate flooding.

They absorb most of the damaging particulate pollution from traffic and from heavy industry. They also provide a place for many animals to live and they build new soil.

Trees are vital not only for our own health, but for entire natural ecosystems. They are an essential link in the chain of life on Earth.