Do you too want the Netherlands of the future to be green, with beautiful old trees and varied woodlands?

Then read on….

We think our trees should be put on the map - literally! The value of trees to us is immeasurable and they deserve protection, attention and care. It is vital that we should share information about how trees can help us, enabling us to improve the ways we look after them and allowing everyone to make a contribution.

This app should have existed yesterday!


Did you know that trees help to clean the air we breathe, that they protect dusty soils during droughts, and that they trap rainwater and reduce flooding? They contribute both to our physical and mental well-being; they create the places we love to visit and are also an essential factor in our everyday environment.

This is to say nothing of the countless animals, plants and fungi which they also help to support. Trees are at the heart of our country’s biodiversity. And we still have so much more to learn about them!

Tree officers, foresters and private landowners can use to keep track of the health and maintenance needs of their trees much more effectively. The role of trees and woodlands in combatting Climate Change can be assessed, and it can be seen where there is the opportunity or the need to plant more trees.


The app as an open source for gathering and sharing information

By placing all our trees on one integrated map, in which information and management needs are shared in a straightforward manner, we can understand more about the importance of trees, to our nature and our culture. Until now no single platform has existed on which such information could be shared and retrieved.

With your help and the help of many others, the Trees on the Map foundation will remedy this state of affairs. We provide an open source map as a forum where all the pieces of our knowledge about our trees can be put together, enriching each other and offering new, shared insights both for the professional and for interested amateurs.

The foundation launches with a system covering the whole of the Netherlands, with the addition of other countries to follow soon. All of the publicly accessible data about our trees is fed straight into the map, and will be supplemented by the information provided by its users.

Our aim is for everyone to learn more about our trees by pooling their knowledge, allowing everyone to enjoy them and also to preserve them by learning to manage them in better ways – and to contribute to the greening of the Netherlands.

Bomen op de Kaart Foundation

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advisory Board

  • Marjan van Elsland
  • Ted van den Bergh
  • Matthijs Schouten
  • Bert de Graaff
  • Wouter Shinju Limmen