sharing knowledge is
saving trees


Who we are

The foundation was initiated by Jeroen Heindijk, whose career has been almost entirely devoted to trees, exploring the ways in which trees and humans interact, and the inspirational role trees play for us. He is particularly passionate about old trees, and through this project he wants to help protect them.

The foundation has a growing group of volunteers using the map to register trees of all kinds, increasing these trees’ visibility and offering them more protection. You can help by making a small donation or by getting involved as a volunteer. meedoen als vrijwilliger (we houden je op de hoogte via de nieuwsbrief) of een (kleine) donatie storten.

The advisory Board are:

  • Marjan van Elsland
  • Ted van den Bergh
  • Matthijs Schouten
  • Bert de Graaff
  • Wouter Shinju Limmen

- Together we stand strong ~

Our partners:

* RCE (the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency)
* Specialist organisations: The Dutch Tree Foundation, other societies and tree wardens
* Research agencies, such as the Maes Ecological Consultancy Citizens: local landowners, tree champions, volunteers
* The Fred Foundation
* Het Groene Woud (The Green Forest zone)
* WUR (Wageningen University & Research)
* Probos
* HAS University of Applied Sciences
* PDOK (the Public Services Information Map)
* Triodos Foundation
* The European Tree of the Year competition
* The International Tree Foundation
* GrowApp: recording the growth and development of trees
* Bomenbieb (The Tree Library): a compendium of tree knowledge